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With the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 by a corrupt Congress, the concentration of wealth into a few select hands enabled the gradual transformation of the United States into a Fascist state. For almost a century, the Powers That Be have gained control of the largest corporations, government decision makers and the mainstream media which they use to control our perception of reality and further their agenda.

2013 will witness increasing confrontations by the Federal Government against innocent citizens and peaceful protesters, intensifying surveillance, spurious arrests and gun confiscation. All this supposedly justified under the Patriot Act and the NDAA 2012, and carried out by Homeland Security, police SWAT teams and undercover agents, climaxing with martial law imposed by a tyrannical dictator. Popsicle Man depicts such a sequence of cataclysmic events and how the characters within this political thriller take action to change the course of history.

Interview by Dr Kevin Barrett on NoLiesRadio.org

Anti-NWO novelist Kenneth Anton discusses “Popsicle Man” on The Kevin Barrett Show August 20, 2013

Interview by Sean at SGTreport.com with the author:

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) June 19, 2013

Surveillance State as Precursor to Police State

Raptor Press announces the release of "Popsicle Man" by Kenneth V Anton as a new paperback. This work of Historical Fiction portrays America's transition from a democracy to a fascist police state with an historical perspective to help understand current events.

Popsicle Man is a tale of awakening, of discovering shocking changes to the status quo following the travesty of 9/11: the launch of Homeland 'State Security', the perpetual 'War on Terror', the Patriot Act's assault on basic freedoms and the rising Surveillance State.

Emerging from a state of Cryonic Preservation, the Popsicle man discovers a changed, hostile world and records his observations in a series of reports revealing an historical context to the secretive Powers That Be.

Ultimately, he discovers a cabal of Banker Dynasties who took over the Bank of England in the 19th century and later created the Federal Reserve in the 20th century. With the monetary control of both countries, the cabal gained colossal wealth and power. These self-made men are contemporary Illuminati, the enlightened ones, above laws, religion and morality. They casually create conflicts and manipulate markets to further their agenda.

From the beginning, the cabal very cleverly acquired media outlets, from wire services to radio/TV networks to movie studios and publishers, the whole gamut of news and entertainment. Today, they run the mainstream media, spreading propaganda and altering our perception of reality, while using the media to shield themselves and their crimes from exposure.

Popsicle Man portrays the tragic downfall of America as the 'War on Terror' is re-directed against US citizens who are routinely spied upon by the NSA. With a militarized police force, Homeland 'State Security' begins to enforce a Police State, similar to their predecessors, the NKVD and Gestapo did before them in Russia and Germany. As guns are confiscated, lethal drones patrol the skies.

Fearing inevitable tyranny, the Popsicle man organizes a Neighborhood Network to warn people of the approaching catastrophe and joins fellow Patriots in organizing major protests to try and restore the Republic to its former glory.

Totally unexpected at the climax, there is a dramatic turn of events.

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